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1. Can teachers earn CEUs for completing the training?

Yes! Teachers can earn Continuing Education Units for going through this professional development training. You’ll be glad to know that ACSI has pre-approved the course for two CEUs (which can either be “professional studies” credits, “biblical studies” credits, or one of each). Additionally, AACS offers 14 contact hours, FACCS offers 14 ISPs, and ILCS offers 2 CEUs.

2. What are the goals of The Cultivate Project?

The Cultivate Project exists to help you:

  • Recapture your students’ hearts. Research is showing that “natural adult mentoring” sparks spiritual growth, personal motivation, academic engagement, and positive social interaction in young adults.
  • Revitalize your teachers’ calling. Rather than giving them one more thing to do, The Cultivate Project unleashes teachers’ potential to influence students in a way that is energizing rather than draining.
  • Rebrand your school’s identity. In the midst of turbulent economic times, perhaps now more than ever the Christian school needs to be able to articulate to parents, school supporters, and others in the community what its differentiating competency is. Your school can offer what other schools can’t—a personal, relational education.

3. What is the focus of this professional development course?

The centerpiece of this course is the Cultivate book, which:

  • Is founded on generational research (“What’s different about this generation of young people, and what will it take to reach them?”)
  • Incorporates coaching skills (powerful question-asking and active listening skills that support and develop young people)
  • Explores three big questions young people are asking (“What is my purpose?”, “What is true?”, and “What difference do I make?”)
  •  Provides practical, actionable advice for building relationships with the next generation—even including “Here’s-how-you-could-say-it” conversation examples

The Cultivate Project builds off this book with an application-focused, DVD-based professional development course. The 14 discussion-oriented sessions will help teachers develop a “mentoring mindset” which transforms their existing interactions with students into life-shaping mentoring moments, so that life-on-life relationships become part of the DNA of the school.

4. What age of students does The Cultivate Project focus on?

The Cultivate Project is training for Christian adults that focus on the emerging generation (12-year-olds to 20-somethings). However, the mentoring principles in Cultivate can certainly apply to younger, elementary-age students as well as older individuals. By and large we’ve designed the project to focus on middle school and high school students. That said, most schools that have picked up the project in the last couple years have chosen to do it with their full K–12 faculty (and many only K–8). If you’d like to talk about what The Cultivate Project would look like for training elementary educators, give us a ring.

5. Is The Cultivate Project faith-based?

The Cultivate Project was written and designed from a distinctly Christian perspective. It is not, however, affiliated with any particular denomination or church.

6. What is the format of the course?

Rather than layering content on top of content (to the point of making participants too overwhelmed with the training material to be able to really do anything with it), The Cultivate Project lets the book contain the bulk of the teaching, allowing the DVD portion to focus entirely on application. After all, what good is new information unless the teachers truly take ownership of the concepts and apply them directly into their own contexts?

The DVD sessions bring you into a fast-paced, round-table style discussion between seven top Christian teacher-mentors (people from around the country who are known for being good at this in their own settings) who, after reading each chapter of the book, have a conversation on camera that sounds something like: “Okay, that’s a good principle…but what does it really look like in the classroom?” or “Here’s where I see that making sense with my 9th grade students” or “in my hallway interactions.”  The discussion is lively, and Dr. Myers—through his role as moderator—ties it all together, leaving you with poignant takeaways and essential questions for sparking your own follow-up conversation.

7. What does the facilitator need to know/do?

The Implementation Playbook that comes with the Training Course includes every component and resource we could think of that could be helpful to the course leader. There is no outside knowledge or background material required to lead this course. In fact, we’ve intentionally designed the Facilitator’s Guide section in such a way as to minimize the prep time it often takes for administrators to lead truly excellent faculty training sessions around this topic of developing a mentoring mindset.

8. How much time does it take to complete the course, and what is the suggested time frame per session?

The 14 DVD sessions correspond one-for-one with the chapters in the Cultivate book (with the exception of having an added introduction session on the DVD). The DVD sessions are short—only about 15 minutes each. Here are three common ways of structuring the course:

• Our recommendation (and the model we outline throughout the Implementation Playbook) is to meet once per week for 30–45 minutes over the course of a semester. In this model a teacher would read one chapter of the book each week prior to the training session.

• Many schools have opted to have their teachers read the book all at once (e.g., over the summer) and then do one or two days of in-service on the topic before or during the school year (with some revisiting of the concepts throughout the year). In this model, you would go through a handful of selected DVD sessions during each day of in-service.

• Another creative option some schools have found successful is to meet 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week. In this format, you could discuss the book chapter Monday (having read it over the weekend), watch the video Wednesday, and discuss the video Friday.

9. What do we need to get started?

All you need to do is pick up one copy of The Cultivate Project Professional Development Training Course for your school as well as a copy of the Cultivate book for each teacher.

Additionally, each book now comes with a complimentary download of the Cultivate audiobook read by lead author Dr. Jeff Myers (previously sold separately for $19.95 each). We know your teachers are as busy as most of the ones we work with, so having the option to listen to the book rather than having one more thing to read can be significant. Now, you can gift your busy teachers with the ability to listen to the book on their commute, while still putting physical copies of it into their hands so they can make notes, bring the books to meetings, and ultimately add the books to their bookshelves as a resource they can return to time and again.

When brought into the context of vibrant application discussions with their colleagues, this training will launch your teachers into a whole new way of understanding their calling and relating to their students.

10. How can I place an order for The Cultivate Project?

Click here to order online through our Summit Ministries store.

Order over the phone by calling 866.786.6483.




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